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   Welcome to my personal web world. This is all about Me in Cloud! Recently ways to communicate have changed rapidly. Posts have been replaced by Emails and Telephone Booths by Mobiles. But the biggest development has been in the form of Social Networks. Now most of the people in the world, from the age of 10 to the age of 80 has Social Network presence, whether in the form of Facebook Profile, Twitter Handle or LinkedIn Connection. Due to this rapid development, we can see a new Social Network site erupting everyday. Due to this, our data in web has scattered all over World Wide Web. This website is an attempt of bringing all my web data at a same website so that i don't need to give my friend so many Social IDs, but just one website to find me, know me and contact me.


Born in Varanasi, India, I grew up as the youngest of three siblings. I did my schooling at Sunbeam School, Varanasi passing my high school in Commerce Stream. Then i migrated to the Maximum City, Mumbai for my College. I did my Bachelors in Commerce from South Indian Education Society College, Navi Mumbai and passed Foundation in Chartered Accountancy.
Currently i am doing my Post-Graduation in Commerce and Inter in Chartered Accountancy.

But mostly i spend my time with my devices and using Social Networks for meeting friends and get latest information.

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